As you are probably aware, colors can play a strong role in subconsciously affecting the way we look at people and things.  Many psychological studies have been conducted in recent times to delve deeper into this phenomenon.  What color is your favorite shirt?  The answer to this question may play a bigger role in your personality than you think.

Have you noticed how a woman in a red dress appears to be more confident against the bland crowd?  The truth is, she is more confident.  She decided to not blend in and that says a lot about the type of individual she is.

Always fit your apparel to match your activities.  For example, you wouldn’t want to wear loud bright colors if you are in a position where you handle other peoples money.  People are going to respond less favorably if they think you are a bit on the wild side.  In this scenario, you should go with dark conservative colors to give the appearance of a well-grounded and thought out individual.  Gray, black, and khaki are all perfect example of colors that can help portray a more professional appearance.

Yes, every color has a distinct effect on the way our brain perceives the individual wearing it.  Below are some of the most commonly worn colors and how you can use their hidden message to your benefit.


Red is one of the most exciting colors you can wear.  Wearing red draws people to you.  It is the color of energy and the symbol of life.  Red can create emotions of strength and power.  Of all the colors red is the one that grabs your attention the most.  This is why everything from stop lights to Coca-Cola cans are red.  If you are trying to look less aggressive red should be avoided.


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Man with Pink Shirt

Pink is known to cause a soothing effect and in some prisons, wardens have gone as far as painting the cells pink to reduce aggression among the population.  Pink is a tranquil and warm color that induces feelings of comfort and love.


Yellow is a very powerful color as it is the color of creativity and optimism.  When we see yellow we think of the sunlight and all the positive feelings that come with it.  Using the right amount of yellow can be the perfect way to raise spirits.  You will seem like an inviting person when wearing yellow.  Be careful not to overdo it, to much yellow can be not appealing to the eye.


Orange is another bold color similar to red.  Orange is associated with fun and exciting times.  This is why this color is often used when you need a party like atmosphere.  Wearing orange can draw people towards you.  It’s nearly impossible to miss someone wearing an orange shirt.  If you don’t want to stick out, avoid orange.


If you want to add a feeling of sophistication to yourself, try purple.  Purple is the color of royalty and wisdom.  Purple can evoke a zen-like feeling and it can help to make you seem more grounded.  To much purple and you are sure to come off a bit quirky, so be sure to use this color sparingly for the best effect.


Blue can create a calming feeling.  Wear blue to come across more focused on the tasks at hand.  The color blue has long been associated with intelligence and trust.  Adding the right amount of blue to your ensemble can be the perfect way to come across more professional.


Green is one of the calmest colors in the spectrum.  When we see this color our mind automatically thinks nature and money.   Since these are two things we desire, green can be a great way to get a little more affection from those around you.


If you need to look more authoritative, black is the right color for you.  Black creates feelings of sophistication and strength when worn.  Black is the combination of all colors.  In this way, it can intrigue and portray a sense of mystery.  In some regions, black also represents grieving.  Wearing to much black can take you from mysterious to scary, so don’t overdo it.


Gray is a neutral color that evokes suppressive feelings such as lack of energy and depression.  Wearing all gray can make you come off as lackluster but combining grey with a more powerful color can help to give you a great balance.  Gray is a suppressive color that is going to make you blend in with the crowd.  If you don’t feel like being bothered today, wear grey.

Choose The Right Color for The Right Time

The key is finding the perfect color combination that exudes the emotions you are trying to get across to the people you are interacting with during the day.  Looking for an exciting new relationship, consider wearing red to draw more eyes in your direction.  Attempting to avoid getting selected to answer questions in class, go with a grey it is sure to give you some added stealth.

Now that you understand the philological effects your clothing selection has, you are ready to put together some truly powerful outfits to help you get your goals accomplished.

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