Finding your personal style begins with a desire to look and feel better about yourself.  I never was one for personal fashion growing up and it was no coincidence that I wasn’t killin’ it with the ladies during this time either.

Like most guys my age, I didn’t know anything about finding the right size fitting t-shirt, let alone possess the slightest sense of style. It wasn’t until I was off to college that I started to gain interest in style.

My Search for My Personal Style

My college roommate was the complete opposite of me in terms of styling.  Where I would throw a baggy t-shirt on, he would rock a tight-fitting T.  The differences didn’t stop there.  I remember countless nights we would arrive late to the nightclubs because he would take so long getting ready.  It wasn’t until we arrived at the club that the method to his madness was revealed.

This guy was a ladies man.  The moment he entered any room he was usually greeted with a pair of flirtatious eyes and a smile.  Let me say it is great being the wingman for a guy like this but at times it can be disheartening.  After a few weeks of being the second-course meal, I was starting to get into the feeling of a slump.

I asked myself “Why does Anthony get all the girls?  I mean we are about the same build and we look so similar that people often mistake us for brothers.  He is a bit smoother with his intro but I think allot of that stems from the fact he has a winning track record.  Whereas my approach is marred by 3 weeks of lackluster performance.

How to Win with Your Style

If this was the NFL he was the Patriots and I was the Browns.  No matter how I altered my approach I didn’t get the results I was looking for.  Let me iterate here that when I say the results I am looking for, I am speaking about getting women to approach me rather than me have to always swoop down on them like a hungry hawk circling his prey.  A flirty smile goes a long way and I knew If I could improve my first impression, my dialogue would be received better.

This went on for the better part of 4 months before I noticed what was happening and after being denied entry into one of the best clubs in the city.  I decided it was time to make a change.  To make the night worse my roommate had on the same outfit a T-shirt and some jeans but because of the loose fit the bouncer considered my outfit too casual.

Teach Me Style Guru

The next day my roommate woke me up early.  Which was really odd considering he didn’t come home until around 5 in the morning and not alone.  He got me up and told me he could stand to see me suffering any longer.  I told him I didn’t need his help but after pointing out the obvious, my collection of old t-shirts and baggy jeans from the days of hip-hop past, I was forced to concede defeat.

Size Does Matter

The first thing he did was hand me one of his shirts and told me to put it on.  I’ll admit it felt weird at first but as soon as I looked in the mirror I could see the difference.  He explained how the cut of your shirt and the fit are critical to showing off glamour muscles.  Glamour muscles are your biceps and pectorals.  A proper fitting shirt will accentuate these muscles and help to give you a slim and trim fit.  Be careful not to go to tight.  You don’t want to look like someone could pop you with a needle.

Know the Trends

Next, we moved on to the pants department.  Anthony pointed out how my jeans were cut much different than his style.  His jeans fit tighter and they didn’t cover his shoes.  Instead, they came to an elastic ankle.  “Here, you see how these stop here, this lets you show off your shoes” he stated.

Shoes are Important

Shoes have always been a huge part of fashion for the ladies and recently more so for us gentlemen.  The right shoe hat combination can give you a clean look that will accentuate your outfit perfectly.  Start off with shoes that can go with the majority of your outfits.  Once you got your base pairs, you are ready to get some outfit specific shoes.  These are going to be brighter and more eccentric pairs.

Fine Tune Your Pitch

Once you have the basics to the trend you are trying to catch, then you are ready to start adding your personality into the mix.  This will keep you stylish without losing your individuality.  Graphic T’s can be a great way to get your personality across in a subtle way.  Hats and shoes can show that you have an excellent sense of style.

Accessories – Why Women Love Them, on Us

Accessories are Important

Probably the most eye-opening lesson of the entire incident is the fact that women love guys who know how to rock accessories.  Watches, bracelets, rings, earrings, and anything else that gives you a unique look can help to shape your personal style.

Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day

It’s been almost 2 years since my fashion life changed forever and I couldn’t be happier.  It takes time to build a new wardrobe so start off making baby steps.  Start by getting yourself one solid outfit and from there expand your tops first.  Next, begin looking for shoes, hats, and accessories.  You will get a feel for what you like and dislike just be sure to try everything on so you know what your proper fitting sizes are.

Finding Your Personal Style

I hope my journey through memory lane helps you to narrow in on that perfect style to fit your needs.  It wasn’t too long ago I didn’t have a clue about style.  Now I take great pride in picking out my outfits for the day and now I’m the one getting the flirty glances when I enter the room.

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