About Water Culture

Water Culture Clothing Company was established in Jacksonville, Florida, by a concept conversation with a couple of old friends between Julius Bilgera and the Phillips Family in 2012. It is based on our roots and how we relate today. From the oceans surrounding the islands to the rivers, lakes and mainland. Our ancestors survived off of these waters and with the animals living in it. Today we tend to forget the importance of our roots. Not all of us live off of the Water but it is a part of our Culture. We invite you to be a part of the Water Culture Community. Whether you’re in the water, on or behind the boat, fresh or salt. Be with us and “Get in the Wet”
We all have a desire to enjoy the outdoor life with Mother Nature. Whether in or near the water. Life is where the water meets the sand. Photography, scuba, swim, jet ski or skip rocks, even if you’re just there on the beach with your toes in the sand, you are a part of the Water Culture. Our brand is here representing the passion we have with the water that is represented by the island and beach lifestyle.



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